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Gregor Melsen Mensport en Koetsen

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Stand number: 24

Gregor Melsen is the person who can provide you with good and expert advice regarding your (marathon)carriage. You are also on the right address for all your maintenance to continue to make many enjoyable kilometers. Thanks to years of experience in driving, he knows exactly what it takes to keep you safe on the road.

You can also contact him for new and used marathon and recreational carriages. All your wishes are negotiable when putting together a new carriage.

Gregor is also dealer of the Ideal brand. You can turn to him for harnesses and all necessities for driving such as whips, gloves, driving gowns and blankets.

The range is very extensive. Are you coming to Paard&Koets and would you like to see something specific? Contact Gregor, so that he can take this with him.

Gregor Melsen Mensport en Koetsen
Chopinstraat 39
3281 TA Numansdorp
The Netherlands