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Successful wedding Paard&Koets and Horse Driving Kronenberg

The merger of Paard&Koets and Horse Driving Kronenberg with over 12,500 visitors knew a successful first edition. Driving fans from mainly the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium visited the three-day celebration in large numbers. In contrast to previous editions, visitors from further afield were now able to find the event, such as the English, Austrians, Swedes and Danes.

The versatile program in which education and spectacle alternated was widely praised. Multiple (inter-)national top trainers held several sport clinics and demonstrations. Crowded were the clinics of the German coach Karl Heinz Geiger, driving instructor Leonne van Gestel and the Belgian four-in-hand driver Jan Vanden Berghe. On Saturday evening, Cindy Timmer won the Mennifique Wisseltrophy. This trophy places volunteers from the driving sport in the spotlight.

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